a Łódź Design Festival plebiscite
for the best
Polish products

What is 'must have'?

The 'must have' plebiscite has been organized by Łódź Design Festival since 2011 to honor the best innovations by Polish designers and manufactures. It is a free-of-charge quality mark that can be used by Polish companies in Poland and abroad. It was established to raise awareness of quality Polish design and to promote the best businesses and designers at the top of the Polish design field. 'must have' is a unique consumer endorsement and the most popular media event in the Polish creative sector.

The power of 'must have'.

'must have' is the leading independent quality mark awarded to superior Polish products each year. Its goal is to support the creative sector through comprehensive promotion of products based on cooperation between leading manufacturers and designers. Applications for the plebiscite can be submitted free of charge via the form available at www.musthave.lodzdesign.com. Nominations based on a market review are also made by the Board of Experts, whose main task is to carry out the final evaluation of all submissions.

733 products have been recognized over the 11-year history of the 'must have' plebiscite.

Benefits for those recognized in the 'must have' plebiscite:

  • the 'must have' mark - a free, permanent and worldwide license to use the 'must have' quality mark, recognized by Polish and foreign consumers;
  • a 'must have' statuette - a limited 'must have' statuette designed by Bartek Mejor, a leading Polish ceramics designer, and produced by our partner Kristoff Porcelain;
  • the 'must have' exhibition - an opportunity to participate in the 'must have' exhibition accompanying the Łódź Design Festival.

Year round promotion of products awarded with the 'must have':

  • #musthave Wednesdays - a regular showcasing of awarded products, companies and designers in the form of a series of social media posts, popular among the many followers of the Łódź Design Festival on Facebook (over 61 300 followers) and Instagram (14 200 followers);
  • regular columns in printed publications and online as well as other forms of year-round cooperation with leading media in the creative industry;
  • B2B activities including 'must have TALKS' and product and brand presentations at conferences for architects, designers and investors;
  • www.musthave.lodzdesign.com - the website of the plebiscite, devoted primarily to showcasing awarded products, manufacturers and designers.

What do we offer?

  • a strengthening of brand image among industry experts (architects, designers, journalists and influencers in the design field);
  • an increase in brand recognition and assistance in reaching end customers.

Every year, a dedicated 'must have' Board of Experts - consisting of recognized architects, media representatives and leading Polish design centers - selects several dozen of the best products from over 400 applications.

A comprehensive promotional campaign featuring the 'must have' winners is complemented by an exhibition, which has been successfully held alongside consecutive rounds of the Łódź Design Festival over a number of years.

The specialness of 'must have' is emphasized, among other things, through the attractive location and arrangement of the exhibition, which is carried out by leading Polish designers each year. Just like the Łódź Design Festival itself, the 'must have' exhibition is constantly developing and evolving. We keep our finger on the pulse of changes and strive to anticipate and creatively respond to new challenges.

What remains constant is that the finalists of the plebiscite can always count on its organizers. In the challenging year of 2020, we decided to act! We knew we could not disappoint the Polish manufacturers and designers who had been deprived of their usual ways of working for many months. As such, we did not follow the lead of most other industry events and cancel 'must have', but rather prepared a new and, above all, Covid-safe variant of the exhibition. The more than 50 awarded products were displayed in glass pavilions located in the most popular shopping and entertainment complex in Łódź, on the market square in Manufaktura.

As a result of these activities, almost 400,000 people had the chance to see first-class Polish products over 10 days!

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